California Natives
California Natives

Native plants are species that developed naturally in a particular region or ecosystem without human cultivation. Planting a native garden not only brightens the landscape but also helps to support local wildlife, including butterflies, honeybees and hummingbirds.

Indigenous wildlife is dependent on native plants for food and habitat. However, deer generally don't like any kind of Salvia, including native species.

The heady fragrance of sage is a powerful characteristic of the natural California landscape and native plant gardens. California native sages thrive in a variety of settings ranging from foggy islands to dry, semi-arid foothills of the state's chaparral lands. A select few are so at home in the gravelly landscape of the Mohave Desert that it is almost impossible for them to grow elsewhere.

Flowers by the Sea cultivates hardy, drought-resistant California Salvias that are native to a broad swath of the West Coast ranging from Northern Baja to Southern Oregon. This area is referred to as the California Floristic Province and has a mild, Mediterranean climate characterized by wet winters and dry summers. Some of these species need full sun while others love or at least tolerate partial shade. They range from short, creeping groundcovers to herbaceous shrubs that reach up to five feet tall.

Flower colors include blues, lavenders and roses as well as more rare hues of apricot, yellow and white. A number of California natives bloom from winter into spring, but summer and fall bloomers are also available to give native flower gardens year-round color.

Flowers by the Sea offers hybrids as well as parent species of California favorites. Please let us know if you have questions about any of the plants listed here or in other parts of our catalog.

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